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Tech Talent

Redmind’s Talent Accelerator can help your organization recruit and hire premier tech talent.
We match tech talent from our diverse pool to your unique tech needs.

Tech Hiring Made Easy

Our program is applied to the unique tech need of different industries and companies.
Our people are selected from the best talent from coding bootcamps, IT, and designs schools.

Great companies work with the Talent Accelerator

Highly Educated

90%* had 2 year degrees before starting with us


Field Tested

Our candidates have proven themselves in real projects for real clients.

Qualified candidates

Our program is build by our studio to ensure we are teaching the most relevant skills.

Team Players

Students in our program are trained in how to work collaboratively, including pair programming, group projects, and of course, solo work.

Untapped Talent

We help learners from all walks of life successfully prepare for a career in tech.

Stockholm's Digital Innovation House

The Talent Accelerator is proud to have Epicenter as a partner
Epicenter and their community share our commitment to fill the widening skills gap in the Nordic booming tech world.

Since 2018 we’ve helped many of our diverse graduates secure roles at top companies. We can help you find the perfect match for your open tech roles.

Talent accelerator by the numbers

Talent Trained

46 +

Applicants each year


Participating Schools

0 +

Successful Startups projects

2 +

Job placement

41 %
"We match skilled talent with the community of Stockholm's fastest growing companies."
Oskar Klingberg
Business Developer

Ready To Grow Your Team?

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